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Hey! I'm Scott.

I'm an author and developer who often dreams about the future.

After years of writing code as a developer, I returned to writing fiction with my first publication, “The Scattering,” the prequel story to a larger science fiction story titled “The New Arbiter” (name pending).

Recent work

The Scattering

by Scott Munn

The debut novelette in a science fiction series.

Teleportation. Auto-piloting cars and massive highways in the sky to propel them along. Magnificently large towers with millions of citizens. But none of this is as impressive to 14-year old Derek Osmond as his own sister, Treva. When she’s chosen to demonstrate her admirable work on a new technology, Derek sneaks along to Luxesto, the technological center of the world in 26th-century Earth. But Derek has no idea what he’s about to discover.

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